Happy Christmas!

Greetings all,

For the first time I’m getting excited about telling people about one of my creations around Christmas time.  The reason is that normally artists in a specialized area (such as instrumentalists, songwriters etc) avoid releasing material at this time because of the tidal wave of seasonal material from well known acts that dominates the music market, airwaves etc.
This year I have a Christmas album of my own to tell the world about and it’s called A Christmas Offering.  It represents both my current career as a guitar instrumentalist and my former one as a singer/songwriter.  It consists of previously unreleased material from around the year 2000 up to  the present and is a combination of original songs and guitar instrumentals including some well known pieces such as Schubert’s Ave Maria.
I would like to thank musician and singer/songwriter Sarah Greenham for her beautiful singing and piano playing on track 9 and my son Paul for the cover design.
I hope you enjoy the album and I’d like to wish you all a happy and a peaceful Christmas and a prosperous and fulfilling New Year.
Yours in music,

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